Buying a Home? Inspect the Plumbing First

Legacy Home Inspection always encourages you to get to know your home before you buy. This includes taking a long hard look at the plumbing, even in a new home. Here are some suggestions and photos that show you what you could run into. Call us today and we will guide you through the process and help you get the right solution.

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If you are in the market for a new home, it is wise to have the entire structure inspected, including the plumbing, before you close the deal. You can also inspect the plumbing system yourself if you know what to look for. Never take everything at face value, especially when it comes to a major purchase like a home – doing so can make you end up spending a ton of cash later on down the road when you discover problems within the plumbing system. Most sellers are motivated to get rid of their real estate right now, which makes pointing out any big problems that you find all the more important.


  • Inspect the home’s water heater. You will be looking to see if it is big enough to accommodate your needs (a family of four should have at least a 40 gallon tank), where it is located, and the water heater’s age.
  • Make sure that the plumbing throughout the home is prepared for freezing weather by having pipes wrapped. The vents throughout the home should be the type that can be closed off in the winter time during periods of intense cold.
  • Determine the type of sewage system the home has, whether waste goes to a municipal sewer system, or if there is a septic tank installed. Inside the home, check the kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets for leaks or drips. Check underneath sinks to check for leaking pipes.
  • Flush the toilet in each bathroom. They should empty and then refill correctly.
  • Turn on the shower in the room farthest from the home’s water source. Check the temperature of the water and the water pressure.