Garage Doors – Protect your entrance the right way

Garage Doors – Protect your entrance the right way

Legacy Home Inspection helps you to be prepared for home ownership. As part of this we like to educate you about the home systems you have and also how they should be maintained. When you buy a new home there may be items you don’t see although they are common issues. This week deals with garage doors. It might look OK outside but what can you find on the inside?



Garage Door Operation 101 – a homeowner’s guide to the garage door and how it works.

One of the most overlooked “appliances” in your home is the garage door. You press a button. It goes up. It goes down. Simple, right?

Not really. Like every other mechanical device you own – your cars, your kitchen and laundry appliances and your heating and cooling systems – your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function correctly.

You can perform some simple safety and maintenance tasks yourself. Other tasks – such as spring repair/replacement, track and roller repair/replacement and door installation – are jobs best left to trained service professionals.

Just as it is common practice to have your home’s heating and cooling systems checked annually, it’s also a good idea to have your door checked annually by a qualified service technician to ensure that it continues to work properly and effectively. Use the Find a Dealer feature to locate a qualified service technician nearby.

Never take a garage door system for granted; always use extreme caution when working on it or near it. Make sure that children understand that the garage door and the garage door opener are not toys. Never let children play with the door or its operating system. For more safety information, check out theGarage Door Safety section of this site.