Your Home Inspections Breakdown

There is a lot to look at when we come to inspect your home. Below we’ve listed some of the main things we’ll be checking to make sure things are in working condition and safe for any future homeowner.

Interior & Exterior

Walls, siding, floors, bathrooms, decks, patios - these and many more will be on our radar.

Electrical Systems

Making sure your home has working electrical components is top priority for your safety.

Roof & Attic

If there's a leak or hidden mold issues lying in wait in your attic or crawl spaces, we'll be sure to find them.

Windows & Doors

We also check to see if windows and doors are sealed properly to ensure that heat is trapped in the home.


Critical for your safety is making sure the foundation of the home is secure.


We look for signs of high levels of radon, structural damage, and flooding risks.

Radon Testing

60% of Colorado homes have elevated radon. Colorado is a Zone 1 (highest radon concentration area). Living in a safe environment is important to us. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is dangerous to your health.

Mold Sampling

Pre Purchase & Pre Listing Inspection

Sewer Scope

Provided by Mainline Services.

New Home Construction Inspection

1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection

Condominium/Townhome Inpsection & Multi Family Inspection

Need Additional Service?

If there was something that needs repairing, check out this list of references that can help you find the service you need.
Tips & Advice

To Prepare For The Inspection

To help us help you, we’ve provided a checklist of items to do or be aware of before your scheduled inspection date has arrived.
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